"Head Time"
Puducherry, India

Oh I thought it was funny what you said That you think I spend too much time inside my head No more introspection is required I've seen it all man and I've retired You can listen sharp if you wanna see The inner thoughts that I believe Why do I have to think so deeply You know when distractions always come so cheaply Internally conflicted is eternally berated Every question, underrated But you know man you make everyone uncomfortable relating your difficult trying truths We all know it man, we don't need your proofs The evils of human nature Capitalistic corporate legislature Dump the scientific reports Who needs it man we can all just sit around and talk about sports We are tired of your deep observations Monothematic transmigrations It was funny what you said That you think I spend to much time inside my own head Cause you know I've been feeling pretty fine Since I've been totally out of my mind Too much time spent in my own head Where else you want me to go unless I'm dead

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