"The Crow and the Mouse"
Tiruvannamali, India

Oh won't you please let me die in peace at least Before you try and feast on me you beast Just a slight hold for my soul to release Then I'll go and join the rest of my fleece Oh won't you please give me a minute to pass Before you stick your golden beak up my ass Where you gotta be so goddamned fast What's your big hurry with such an ugly task May I politely deign to ask perhaps Don't you wanna make my dying moment last Well, I suppose it could be a worse curse Than riding in your guts like a flying hearse So won't you please give me just one minute Before you get yourself all up in it Then we can both go up to the sky You can fly in circles and I can try To die. To die. To die Well, I'm not gonna wait for you to pass I want your hot guts right now, you putz Sounds like you're trying to take advantage of me I don't do favors for friends, or even family I don't like how this conversation is going So, you get to dying, and I'll get to crowing You need to put your hot flesh inside me That's just life, not irony That's just life, not irony I suppose if I can't shoo you away real quick With a super swift flick and a kick you dick At least I'll be happy when you get sick You may have wished that you did wait Cause me and you mate are gonna share the same fate And you're gonna be full of the poison I ate Don't need you to try to debate with me That's just life not irony That's just life not irony So, won't you please give me just a moment So, I can try You know to die Goodbye

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