Makati, Philippines

I toss myself across the road Into a pit of wood Perhaps it would be just as good If the rest of me was misunderstood The evil deeds that I concede Just to appease my diety Who sings to me While I rest unhappily Like that would be So fast to see A fantasy of blasted chi Me under the frosted logs Like tossed out dogs Drossed out, lost out With a big fat split lip Of skin digs And all I have left to do is give But all I've got inside of me of late Is hate with a capitol H for the fate That I made and that's great I love it but when does the power of enterinity Take over and cover me Probably halfway through The life I wish I knew But I won't survive to see that too And due to the mortality The death state has gripped And surrounded me Already the seed of the deed place Just as before I was conceived Unlaced, erased and disgraced There's no room left for life We bereaved those who believed But then leaved when he Had his last breath breathed And when death's grasp greived We perceived the last breath a misdeed There was none there no where Were all born to life in a mother's gut But unto death there's no other but The face of the limpid sky as we all Smother and die Uplifting I'm so up lifting Yeah I'm up lifting I'm up lifting you I'm lifiting you up Raising you up like a communion cup Uplifting I'm up lifiting you Like a bunch of baby penguins in the zoo I'm lifiting you up Climbing so high Into the sky As we smother and die I'm up lifiting Yeah I'm up lifting you It's true I'm up lifting you Yeah I'm gifting you My soul is drifting through Uplifting Yeah I'm up lifting you

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